• Nur in Los Angeles is part of the WeWork network.The latest international sharing economy news

Nur in Los Angeles is part of the WeWork network.The latest international sharing economy news

August 28, 2015

For about a year Nur Internet Marketing has reached the Californian banks, by opening its office in Los Angeles based in the most exclusive location of the city: the offices of WeWork on the Walk of Fame.

In this dynamic, fresh and young work place where the most innovative and interesting startups come to life, Nur has gained his space offering his services of internet marketing to American companies and international clients.

The office of WeWork where Nur is located on the Hollywood Boulevard is one of the most famous structures of co-working for the amount of projects and ideas that come to life every day. A real factory for everything related to innovation, from web marketing services to i-tech startup, event planning and non-profit associations.

Born in the United States but now internationally spread (with European offices in London and Amsetrdam) WeWork is a project that is part of the lodging of the sharing economy, (series of initiatives created to allow companies and individuals to save resources and optimize investment, against the sharing of goods and services). Specifically, WeWork is based on the model of co-working, which provides a significant number of professionals, small businesses and startups that share both a workspace that a series of facilities and services to support their activity.

Within the structures each floor is made by an indefinite number of offices of different sizes, that are proposed according to the number of desk, and according to the size of the working group that requires to rent the space.

Inside the offices the networking grows through two main channels: the common areas in the various locations and the online community. The areas where people can meet, chat, have lunch with friends, or take a coffee are in the heart of almost every WeWork location. The interior design concept is standard: large sofas, a ping pong table, a kitchen area with fridges available for anyone who wants bring lunch from home, coffee, beer, tea and infusions of various types as well as all you need to enjoy your breaks.

In this challenging and dynamic atmosphere even Nur is making its contribution and taking many advantages, being able to mix the Italian working method with the American one, offering Internet Marketing Strategies perfect for any type of market.