ILSA S.p.a.

Manure and fertilizers for agriculture

ILSA S.p.a.

The company ILSA S.p.a. born in 1956, dealing immediately with the production of organic fertilizers for agriculture. The processes of research and development on which the company has always invested led to the continuous improvement of production processes and the introduction of new products, increasing the effectiveness.

The Internet Marketing project

The project of Internet Marketing that NUR S.r.l. developed for ILSA S.p.a. involved a strategic consulting  concerning the optimization of the website already existing, together with a series of measures to optimize SEO in Italian language with the goal of increasing organic positioning of ILSA Spa on the search engines related to a large cluster of keywords of specific products and methods of cultivation.

The results obtained by ILSA S.p.a. thanks to the investment made in internet marketing are:

  • Exponential increase of visitors (+ 81% during the first year).
  • Improved corporate communications online and offline.
  • implementing network.
  • Speard of information related to fertilization on predefined target.

Project in collaboration with copiaincolla | pubblicità.