Mollyflex S.r.l.

Mattresses and pillows factory

Mollyflex S.r.l.

Historical company specialized in producing quality mattresses, Mollyflex is one of the Italian excellence in bed and pillows realization. Technological research and modern production systems allow the company to produce top mattresses with high technology construct related to the use of materials and fabrics of highest quality.

The Internet Marketing project

NUR S.r.l. has created for Mollyflex S.r.l. many different internet marketing activities, aimed at reaching business objectives in the medium and long term. The main objective was to get a quality online communication, able to generate value to the user through the different platforms included in the project, from corporate website, social networks up to e-mail marketing.

During the design of the corporate website, the main objective was to produce a complete and comprehensive website multi-lingual content, able to communicate with different audiences: the end user but also the B2B, consisting of franchised dealers and distributors. The dual purpose of the website communication favored the creation of spaces dedicated to each target, where to contact the company for different purposes, without neglecting the wealth of information content in the product catalog.

The choice of structuring product pages with the peculiarities of each article, the certifications received and especially highlighting the differences in the final destination use (medical-health, hotel, etc.) gave an added value for the potential customer (providing in this way a sort of after-sales online assistance) but it was also useful to attract the right B2B target.

The website was designed with SEO-friendly policies to facilitate the positioning on search engines, in this case planned for the Italian, English and French languages. Alongside the SEO project, were also made targeted AdWords campaigns, leveraging themed landing pages, enriched with content designed to the specific target of interest accompanied by "call-to-action" for business contact.

The activity of internet marketing carried out for Mollyflex is completed by the design of a personalized newsletter for the e-mail marketing, and by a training course of Social Media Marketing (SMM) to the staff employed in community management activities, with the aim to transfer the fundamental concepts of communication on social networks, the management of the business and the planning of an editorial plan for the activity.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

With the investment in internet marketing (SEO, SEM, web design), Mollyflex Srl was able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Greater penetration into the desired target (B2B).
  • Increase in the spread of the brand awareness and the culture on the product.
  • Achievement of foreign target difficult to reach with conventional offline methods.