FRAMA S.p.a.


FRAMA S.p.a.

The Internet Marketing project

For Frama S.p.a. the internet marketing project mainly involved the setting, the management and the study of a campaign on Google Adwords in Italian and English (respectively, for Italy and for the rest of the World).

During the campaign were produced two different landing page (landing A landing and B), used in an A / B strategic marketing test. This A / B strategic test objective was to monitor and verify which of the two landing pages of the campaign got better results in terms of conversion rate.

The project was then followed by the implementation of technical changes on the company website, aiming to resolve some usability problems, which could seriously undermine the possibility of conversion of the platform. These measures were focused on improving the user's orientation on the website, the increase in the clarity and quality of the information and the amount and quality of information conveyed the removal of internal bug, which could annoy the user during the website browsing.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

The results obtained by Frama S.p.a. by investing in internet marketing are:

  • Website usability troubleshoot
  • Italian and foreign market business penetration
  • Company awareness increasing in Italy and abroad



Project in collaboration with copiaincolla | pubblicità.