Giochimpara S.r.l.

Games, stationery and child furniture

Giochimpara S.r.l. is an Italian company based near Trento, which began as a "Learning Center" in 1985, with the aim of offering to the world of school, especially early childhood education (nursery, kindergarten), a wide choice of equipment and children's furniture, interior and exterior and training materials to support various recreational activities. In the store of Pergine Valsugana (TN), you will find 700 square meters of toys, school stationery, books for children and young people, materials for hobbies, games and everything that children and their families can desired.

For Giochimpara S.r.l. NUR Internet Marketing developed an integrated online promotion based primarily on an E-commerce site of games and stationery, coupled with targeted campaigns on Google AdWords and a positioning project on search engines aims to increase the company awareness on the web.