Rovatti Pompe S.p.a.

Centrifugal pumps production

Rovatti Pompe S.p.a.

Rovatti Pompe produces and develops centrifugal pumps since 1952 surface and depth. The continuing evolution of the company has led the expansion of its business, by the construction of pumps for agricultural to the leadership in the production and global distribution of pumps for fluid handling in residential, municipal and industrial structures.

The Internet Marketing project

NUR S.r.l. realizes for Rovatti Pompe an integrated project of internet marketing which involved primarily the design and implementation of the new multilingual website (Italian, English, German and French).

The innovation of this web site in terms of usability, it is in the multiple navigation options: the user can browse the product catalog for both product category (eg. Pumps for wells, pumps, surface, etc.), and product field of use (water supply, drainage, marine applications, etc.). This allows the user to choose its own path of navigation on the website, depending on the criterion used in the research of the products.