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Acimall association

CEPRA S.p.a.

ACIMALL is the association that represents the most important Italian companies offering technology, automation, machines, tools and accessories to the processing of wood and its derivatives.

Acimall is the organizer of the famous biennial international exhibition of woodworking technology and supplies for the furniture industry Xylexpo, which now represents a true point of reference for the sector, as it is the place where you can meet the most innovative and the most demanding requirements. The fair is held every two years (on even years) at the new and functional exhibition center Fieramilano (Rho district).

The Internet Marketing project

For Acimall (Association of Italian Woodworking Machinery and Accessories Manufacturers) NUR Srl realized the first website, in Italian and in English, of the Xylexpo, the biennial exhibition of woodworking technology. This exhibition is a reference point for online visitors and exhibitors, which can provide all the important information about the show, including industry data directions on how to reach the exhibition area, interactive maps of each stand and the catalog for exhibitors and much more.

Later was then set by NUR S.r.l. an Adwords campaign ad hoc for Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The campaign has been designed at the strategic level after an industry study carried out in their respective markets, focusing specifically on all aspects of the most sought on the subject of woodworking and related technologies. The study was later transferred to the target of interest of the association, primarily B2B (suppliers, companies, producers and manufacturers of equipment and accessories for woodworking).

To complete the project was then carried out a training course on social media marketing to the staff member of the community management companyto learn how to manage social "business" accounts with professionalism. During the course were given all the information needed to set up communication on social networking platforms both towards the target B2B and B2C.

For Acimall NUR S.r.l. were carried out the maintainer change procedures regarding the website hosting and was developed a software-management ad hoc for the needs of the client.

Return on the Internet Marketing investment

The results obtained from Acimall (Xylexpo) with the investment made in internet marketing are:

  • Penetration in the foreign markets of interest
  • Parallel dialogue with public business and consumer
  • Renewal of communication and increase of awareness on the exhibition