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Web marketing in the Chinese area

In order to ensure its clients a 360 ° web visibility, NUR Internet Marketing SEO services offers a targeted search engine ranking on the large Chinese State. For companies that wish to bring their business in China, the website positioning is an essential starting point to introduce the services and products provided to Chinese costumers, who search and appreciates Made in Italy products. In the great China, with cultural and lifestyles habitudes which greatly differ from the western ones, it is very important to understand the web users behavior to meet their more specific needs. NUR Internet Marketing develops SEO strategies based on the comprehensive study of these dynamics, developing in China SEO projects customized for each client according to the Chinese market perception of the individual products and services.

Through its technical expertise on Chinese territory, Nur Internet Marketing is able to decipher Chinese users’ needs, developing websites ad hoc for the target market. NUR Internet Marketing SEO activity in China is not limited to translating your website in Chinese language, but develops and studies working methods in order to make it perfectly in line with the market needs. Thanks to this service, NUR ensures to clients willing to place their products on Chinese territory, real and effective visibility, certified by the many conversion goals successfully achieved.

Baidu, the Chinese search engine for Chinese people

Unlike the rest of the world, Chinese internet users do not use Google for their research, but its fierce Asian competitors: Baidu. Web Censorship in China is a currently relevant topic, the freedom of information offered by the global giant of search has severely curtailed its activities in China, leading to the exponential growth of Baidu, a Chinese search engine which meets all the standards of censorship set by the government. Of the 500 million Chinese users who use internet search platform, Baidu has about 80%, compared with a negligible 1.6% of users who use Google instead. NUR Internet marketing in the past few years has been specializing on the large Chinese search engine, offering its clients a variety of SEO services related to Baidu, which, like Google elsewhere in the world, offers all the same opportunities to work with internet marketing strategies.

NUR has improved its expertise over time and, thanks to a highly skilled team in the sector, offers services for SEO ranking in China able to achieve the objectives, ensuring, through the web visibility in China, huge business potential for those who decide to rely on its services.

Which are the SEO services in China?

The main SEO services provided by NUR in China are:


  • Domain registration with Chinese extension
  • Website hosted on a dedicated server in China
  • Linguistic contextualization (not just translation) for the website texts in Simplified Chinese
  • On-page SEO optimization for the Chinese search engine
  • Placement Analysis on Baidu SERP

Through these web marketing strategies specific for the Chinese search engine Baidu, NUR is able to provide its customers with targeted and rooted positioning, able to win the confidence of Chinese consumers by promoting the quality of products on the right channels.

Do you want to sell in China? Discover the e-commerce platform VIABRERA

For those who are interested in approaching the Chinese market, NUR Internet Marketing developed an e-commerce platform to sell Made in Italy products in China. The project name is VIABRERA and has been developed to reduce all the technical and bureaucratic problems that arise approaching the Chinese market. The various problems of counterfeiting, a typical weakness of the Chinese market, paradoxically represent a great advantage for the Italians companies who decide to sell their products in China. That is because an increasing number of Chinese users look for authentic Italian products on the web through, the various e-commerce platforms and, as shown by the statistics, the online purchasing power of Chinese people has an annual growth of 20%. Therefore, the authority of a web portal like VIABRERA will greatly simplify the approach to a market so far, but now more than ever so close. For more information about the project VIABRERA, visit




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