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Web marketing on the American territory

In the United States of America, as in most of the worlds, the leading search engine used by people is Google. NUR, thanks to its many years of experience in the fields of SEO and internet marketing and strong of the certifications AdWords Google Partner and Google Analytics Professional can provide its customers a focused and effective SEO ranking service in the US.

Among the main objectives NUR Internet Marketing get in studying a SEO project for the American territory, one of the main is the promotion of Made in Italy as a real trademark, ensuring to every Italian company that want to position themselves in this great country a very high level of reliability.
Through the linguistic processing of the websites content, that it is not limited to the simple translation, but it becomes a real rewriting of texts in the US English slang that American people are used to find on the web, NUR Internet Marketing is able to provide a high level of organic ranking. In addition to this very important aspect, NUR offers the opportunity to reach a highly select range of users, using various promotional campaigns achievable by the tools of Google AdWords, which can select the specific target audience of every ad.

With its advanced work skills, acquired in the web marketing sector, thanks to its many years of experience, NUR Internet Marketing is able to position its clients’ websites in order to achieve a high level of conversion.
NUR experience of SEO optimization at international level, make its staff able to write descriptive text, which can attract both the end-user and capture the attention of the American search engines. Through the various optimization strategies on-site and off-site, every client who wants to approach the US market can rely on strategies for text processing and graphic design at the highest level. NUR Internet Marketing develops each project in a targeted way on US area focused on the target audience of each company.

Our SEO services in USA

Nur provides various SEO services in USA, including:


  • Domain registration with US extension
  • Website hosted on a dedicated server in the USA
  • Linguistic processing and contextualization of the websites content in US English
  • On-page SEO optimization for the Americans search engines
  • Placement Analysis on SERP

With a team highly specialized in SEO rankings on Google, NUR Internet Marketing is able to provide its clients, who wish to position their website in the top list of Google USA, high expectations of success. The high positioning on search engines got by NUR Internet Marketing services is not limited to give visibility to a company for a limited amount of time, but work to ensure a rooted and effective web presence, able to persisting in time, thanks to consumer loyalty.




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