"We increased our web visibility"

NUR Testimonial: Stefano Modena (Unical AG Spa)

Stefano Modena, Unical AG Spa IT Manager, talks about his experience with NUR since 2004: a collaboration grown over the years exploring every aspect of internet marketing.

Unical AG experience with NUR Internet Marketing

Stefano Modena, Unical AG Spa IT Manager, talks about his experience with NUR Internet Marketing. Unical AG, leader in the design and manufacture of civil and industrial heating units since 1972, began in 2004 its partnership with NUR, entrusting to the agency the management of all its company's Web services.

The relationship between NUR and Unical AG Spa began with the creation of the first corporate website and has became stroger over the years to reach today a real marketing and commercial partnership."Among the activities to be reported - said Stefano Modena - the most important was the complete renovation of Unical website, developed according to the latest visibility technologies on the most innovative devices, as well as the activity of ranking on the main national and International search engines".

However, the relationship between NUR and Unical has grown over time even thanks to the new technologies provided by Web, to improve products and brands online popularity and visibility."No less important for the development of our brand - continued Modena - was the creation of some web-marketing campaigns, which enabled us to produce a targeted visibility on specific commercial canvass chosen by Unical, with the option to select the specific type of markets."

A relationship, the one between Unical and NUR, which has become stronger over time thanks to the exploration of new markets and innovative promotional opportunities, which make mobile and social their new frontiers, even for a business-to-business company.

"Choosing Nur 10 years ago might seemed a bit risky - concluded Modena - because at that time the company had little and developing structure, but the fact of being here as a testimonial shows that this choice was correct and forward-looking and allowed the two companies to reach their goals."